The Carmelite Monastery of the Annunciation, Birkenhead

Welcome to the Monastery

In a world that is losing the sense of the Divine, and overestimating material things, you are living witnesses of supernatural values from within your cloisters. Instil a new breath of life into the Church and into modern man.

Saint John Paul II

Carmel is a symbol of the contemplative life, a life wholly dedicated to the search for God, wholly turned toward Divine intimacy.

Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen OCD

To put Christ at the centre of everything, to see everything, including ourselves in relation to him, to love and to act in the light of this perspective, involves a death to self, and a deep transformation of our heart.

O my Lord, of all the millions of people you have created, shouldn’t just a few of them give their complete attention to you?

Saint Teresa of Jesus

Yes, Christ’s love has reached each one of a consequence of this, you have realized that you are not your own, but belong to Christ. This new awareness was the fruit of Christ’s ‘loving look’ in the secret of your heart.

Saint John Paul II